Short Term, Festival & Airbnb management

Higher Returns - Hassle Free.

Edinburgh is the perfect city for short-term lets. From its booming tourism industry to its popularity with business travellers, demand for short-term, high-quality accommodation in the capital increases every year.

Some properties work best on let short-term lets all year round, whilst others are best suited to short-term over the summer months and long-term from September to May. Our expert team will tell you the best way to maximise your property's earning potential.



Listing - Create a stand out profile with a clear description and professional staged photography that shows your property in the best possible light.

Dynamic Pricing - Daily updates using local knowledge and a market leading pricing algorithm.

Guest Booking - Rapidly reply to guest enquiries (24/7) and ensure guests meet our strict screening criteria.

Professional Cleaning - Provide best in class cleaning, fresh linen, essentials and gifts.

24hr Check-in - Ensure guests have access to your property at any time.

Maintenance -  Rapid response to maintenance issue.

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