Short Term, Festival & Airbnb management

Earn up to 400% more.

Edinburgh is the perfect city to rent out your property as a short-term let. From its booming tourism industry to its popularity with business travellers, demand for short-term, high-quality accommodation in the capital increases every year Depending on the location and condition of your property, letting on a short-term basis throughout the year can earn 200 - 400% more than a long term let. Whether you are interested in providing Edinburgh Festival lets, letting part of the year, or renting out your home all year round, we'll ensure your property investment is maximising its earning potential.


Listing - Create a stand out profile with a clear description and professional staged photography that shows your property in the best possible light.

Dynamic Pricing - Daily updates using local knowledge and a market leading pricing algorithm.

Guest Booking - Rapidly reply to guest enquiries (24/7) and ensure guests meet our strict screening criteria.

Professional Cleaning - Provide best in class cleaning, fresh linen, essentials and gifts.

24hr Check-in - Ensure guests have access to your property at any time.

Maintenance -  Rapid response to maintenance issue.

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