Ensuring Proper Protection: The Vital Role of Landlord Insurance 18 Apr, 2024

Ensuring Proper Protection: The Vital Role of Landlord Insurance

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As a landlord, safeguarding your property investment is paramount. While many landlords are diligent in securing insurance, it's crucial to recognize that not all insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage. Relying solely on insurance provided by factors or opting for inadequate coverage could expose landlords to significant financial risks in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Let's delve into the importance of having the proper insurance for your properties and explore how a tailored insurance solution can mitigate risks effectively.


The Risks of Inadequate Coverage:


  1. Limited Protection: Insurance provided by factors or generic policies might offer basic coverage, but they often fall short in adequately protecting landlords against various risks. From property damage to liability claims, the scope of coverage in these policies might not be sufficient to address the diverse challenges landlords may face.
  1. Exclusions, Gaps & Financial Exposure: Generic insurance policies may come with exclusions or limitations that leave landlords vulnerable to specific risks. These exclusions could include certain types of damage, such as water damage, or limitations on coverage. Without comprehensive protection, landlords may find themselves bearing the full cost of repairs, legal expenses, compensation pay-outs or loss of rent. In fact, the most common gap we have see is the cost of re-accommodating tenants if a property is uninhabitable.
  1. Landlords have to manage their own claims: The Flat Company is always happy to manage insurance claims on behalf of our landlords, however, some insurers will not work with letting agents and insist on dealing with the owner of the property. If a landlord is based abroad or simply has busy life, as the majority of landlords do, then managing an insurance claim can be time consuming and frustrating.


The Importance of Tailored Landlord Insurance:

Recognizing the limitations of generic insurance policies, landlords are increasingly turning to tailored landlord insurance solutions to mitigate risks effectively. These specialized policies are specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by landlords, offering comprehensive coverage and tailored protection.

Introducing The Flat Company's Insurance Broker: Howden (previously Bruce Stevenson)

The Flat Company understands the importance of robust insurance coverage for landlords and has partnered with Howden (previously Bruce Stevenson), a leading Edinburgh based insurance broker, to provide a specialized Block Policy tailored to meet the needs of our landlords. Benefits for your landlords insuring on The Flat Company block policy include:

  • Discounted rates – landlords have access to discounted rates available for all properties fully managed by The Flat Company
  • Howden have delegated claims authority up to £5,000 – meaning that claims are dealt with quickly and efficiently, without the need for referral to underwriters.
  • Ease of initiating a claim – The Flat Company are authorised to initiate claims on your landlords’ behalf
  • Ease of claims and a personal service from Howden’s in-house claims team – this ensures a personal service from our claims team. There is no call centre - landlords will always be able to speak directly to someone in the team.
  • No administration fees – most other providers will charge an administration fee for arranging and setting up the policy
  • Specialist knowledge of the PRS sector in Scotland – Howden are members of the Scottish Association of Landlords and are one of the few brokers in Scotland with a unique specialism in the Scottish private rented sector, meaning tailored support and solutions for your landlords.


Features – Headline Covers:

Accidental Damage - NIG provide AD cover as standard – most policies on the market charge an additional premium for this cover.

Malicious Damage & Theft by Tenant - Again, provided on the policy at no extra charge. This is generally quite costly to include.

Unoccupancy Period - NIG offer 90 days unoccupancy period where full cover applies. Most policies look to restrict cover after a period of 15-30 days.

Low Excesses - Standard excess £100 and Escape of Water £250.

Trace & Access - Provides cover as standard f or locating and repairing the source of a leak within a property.

Loss of Rental Income - NIG provide cover for loss of rental income following an insured peril up to 20% of the Building sum insured



For landlords, having the proper insurance coverage is essential to protect their investments and mitigate risks effectively. Relying on generic insurance policies or insurance provided by factors may leave landlords exposed to significant financial liabilities. By partnering with reputable insurance brokers like Howden ( and opting for specialized landlord insurance solutions, landlords can ensure comprehensive protection tailored to their specific needs. Investing in proper insurance coverage is not just a precautionary measure; it's a strategic decision to safeguard your property investments and secure peace of mind for the future.

If you want The Flat Company to put you in touch with Howden please contact you property manager: or you can visit Howden's website: Specialised Property Insurance - What you need (